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Blood Glucose Test Strips.

Small disposable strips of plastic that are used by people who have diabetes to monitor the blood glucose level and to help them control the disease are referred to as blood glucose test strips. A diabetes test strip is used together with their blood glucose meter that is able to display the level of blood sugar no individual.

When an individual is using a test strip they have to fast put it in their blood glucose meter. One then goes ahead to break their fingertip with the meter’s tiny needle which is usually referred to the Lancet. The pricking is done to enable one to squeeze out a drop of blood that is to be meant to come into contact with the edge of a test strip. The blood sugar level is then displayed within seconds by the glucose meter.

Diabetes test strips are usually coated with a very thin layer of gold that is cut into a pattern that serves as a strip circuit. It also has a coating of chemicals one which is referred to as glucose oxidase on the other end that gets to react with the blood placed on the test strip. The reaction gets to turn glucose into electricity making electrical signals to be transferred to the glucose meter so as to have a display of the blood sugar level.

They are important tips that an individual should take into consideration while using the test strips. One of the tips to consider is cleanliness where an individual should wash their hands thoroughly or get to use hand sanitizer to sterilize their finger. Cleanness is key to ensure that the correct results are obtained and since the test strip can be able to detect any residual so that may be left on the skin. The strip that is to be used to not be wet and also one’s hand should be dry.

A tip to be considered by every individual to use a test strip is to that it is not expired. The expiration date can be verified from the packaging of the test strips before getting to use them. It is also important to have the test strips remain in the packaging to avoid leaving them in the Open Air where they could be exposed to humidity ,moisture and heat which would make them unusable.

Most individuals qualify to get free test strips and the prescription that they receive. Another way that individuals get to access the test strips is by buying them from pharmacies or ordering them from online platforms.

An individual will be given a prescription where they may find themselves with unused strips at the end of it all. If the test strips have not expired and they’re still in a good condition, there is a possibility of reselling them.

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