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Five Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website

There has been a 97% increase in the number of consumers who search local businesses online. Before they can choose you, they need to find you first – through a website. You can be found in social media, but nothing proclaims professionalism like an effectively designed website.

If you’re not convinced you need a website for your small business, consider the following:

Over 25% of consumers prefer dealing with businesses that have a website.

Keep in mind that we are now in the digital era where Americans spend close to 24 hours a week on the Internet, and up to 5 hours on their mobile phones from day to day. Consumers nowadays expect companies to have a web presence and tend to view one without a website as less professional.

People search for you online.

One of the advantages of having a small business website is being where your customers – and potential customers – are. Companies that do have an SEO-prepped website have it for a lot of reasons too. To begin with, only 3% of consumers do not look up local businesses online, and oinly 7% of online experiences do not begin from a search engine. Google runs 3.5 billion searches everyday, and right now, there’s likely someone in your area who’s searching online for your very products or services. Unfortunately, that competitor of yours with a website enjoys has all the advantage.

Most consumers depend on websites to look for and engage with businesses.

Aside from the fact that around 63% of consumers use websites to look for and engage with businesses, 93% of them also start with a search engine. Here’s more: consumers usually take three sources before making a buying decision, and 30% of them instantly strike off a business for the sole reason that they don’t have a website.

Digital web content influence commercial transactions.

Companies that don’t invest in a website usually reason their industry isn’t online. However, 75% of B2B buyers say website digital content makes a huge impact on their purchasing decisions, and that they may or may not decide to purchase, depending on that content by itself.

Around 75% of consumers admit to judging a company’s credibility based on their website design.

Believe it or not, a business with a website is often viewed as more trustworthy than one without. Before engaging with a business, people will of course want to know if it’s trustworthy, and a website is the easiest place for them to check. Then again, websites can vary widely. A poor design can be counterproductive, so choose your web developer.

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